Summer so far has been amazing.  A few days ago I wrote a Summer Love List  of plans I was hoping to get to do this Summer.  Amazingly we have completed two out of the ten. We went to our favorite beach.  It was such a blast.  I pray that we go at least once a week.  Since it isn’t too far from my job.  If not, at least 3 more times before the Summer is over.  In addition, we went on a family fishing trip that I enjoyed so much.  I caught two fish and it felt amazing. Camping has always been one of my favorite childhood memories.  We are anticipating to go camping at the end of this month for the weekend.  God willing we will be able to.  Although the love list wasn’t created as a to do list; I hope to complete a few of them.  One thing is for sure, I do plan on taking my daughter to see Cinderella  (a local play) over at the Patchoque Theatre in August.  A birthday adventure to celebrate her 7th birthday.  So how has Summer been treating you?  Feel free to share in the comments below.



Today kicked off the official Summer Adventures for the Perez’s family.  I took my little one to our favorite place – Robert Moses Beach.  This is where I feel the closest to God and where He reminds me of His mercy and grace.  He shows His love for me in His creation.  From the simplest of things as a shiny rock; to the intricate details on sea shell.  Even the birds they fly free in the air; and it reminds me of the freedom we have in Christ.  Thank You God for the ocean.